Hi Italo! I plan to head to the cottage this weekend (November 2nd) which is Adolphus reach (bay of quinte). I hope to hook into some Walleye. However, Ionly have a small 12 foot aluminum boat with a 6 hp engine. Do you have any tips for catching walleye that are faily close to shore, seeing how I cant really venture out too far into open water?

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Todd…The boat you have should be fine for trolling around Glenora, ON. That\’s where the Lower Bay of Quinte is at it\’s narrowest and deeper water is close to shore. I would suggest you troll either the north or south side, off the weeds in 40-50\’ of water using a Rapala Tail Dancer #11 with about a 200\’ lead (will dive to 30\’). You can catch fish “flat-lining” behind the boat, but using in-line planer boards will produce more fish. Most of the walleye that are being caught down there right now are being caught from Glenora, ON and heading east towards Lake Ontario…Gdo bless you, Italo

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