Hi Italo I noticed on your Grand River catfish show that you had caught some suckers to use for bait. Just wondering if you are able to share where you caught the suckers and how. I have heard that fresh cut bait is the way to go but have no idea where or how to catch suckers. Thank you for any info. Love the show.

Posted on March 26th, 2012

Hi Jay…Thank you for your kind words. Ryan, my guest on that show caught the suckers we used for bait. You can catch suckers right now in many of the Great Lakes tributaries since they are making their spring spawning run. In fact I was talking to Ryan today and he has been fishing the Grand regularly for channel catfish and averaging about 10-15 fish per outing. He said he had no problem catching suckers in the Conestoga River near Kitchener, ON. As a last resort, you can purchase freshly frozen sucker chunks from FishMasters Bait & Tackle, just south of the Dunneville Dam on the west-side….God bless you, Italo

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