Hi Italo I love your videos on Youtube and they are the reason why I decided to start fishing. I live in the BramptonMississauga area and as a beginner I dont have a clue of where I should start. Im looking to catch salmontrout and I really need some direction. 1 What is some good beginner gear to buy what are some must haves for salmontrout fishing 2 What are some rivers that are close to me where I can find some good action What should I be looking for when picking a spot to fish at 3 Is there a time of day that is ideal for catching fish Thanks for your assistance Italo and please keep making videos! Regards Zeeshan

Posted on July 3rd, 2014

Hi Zeeshaan….Thank you for your kind & encouraging words, I will do my best to keep making videos to help fishermen catch more fish.  If you are planning on tributary fishing for the salmon & for steelhead you will be best off getting a 9-11′ drift rod and either fish a spinning or center-pin reel on it.  Rapala makes excellent drift rods in their North Coast, Magnum, Classic, R-Type and Shift rods.  To see them just go to their www.rapala.ca site. Having the spinning reel on it is more versatile if you also plan on casting lures along with drift-fishing with egg-sacks or imitation eggs/streamers, etc. If you are primarily thinking of trout fishing for “resident” trout like brook trout, brown trout and juvenile steelhead, you will be best off getting a Rapala Classic Trout spinning rod with a light-action spinning reel.  Best line to use will be a monofilament line that has some stretch like the Sufix Seige or Elite line in 6 or 8 lb. test for the trout and up to 14 lb. for the salmon. All of the tributaries that flow into Lake Ontario have runs in the fall of salmon and steelhead.  The salmon will be in the rivers from late Aug. (after heavy rains), to about the end of Nov.), the steelhead start to run with the salmon and move up and down the tributaries all winter long and right through until the following spring.  The resident trout fishing is good all summer.  The lower section of the Rouge River, Don River, Humber River, Credit River and Bronte Creek all have runs of salmon/steelhead.  Right now those lower stretches are warm water and there is good smallmouth bass fishing.  For the resident trout the head-waters of all those tributaries are good, north of Toronto.  Good spots to fish are deeper water pools, runs, & undercut banks where trout/salmon can take cover. For stream trout & salmon, the time of day is not as important as the color of the water.  Clear water can make for tough fishing, so some of the best salmon/trout fishing takes place when the water clarity is 8-14″…..God bless you, Italo

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