Hi Italo I love fishing and so does my spouse and we are out spinning our reels every chance we get. I am in the rec and leisure program in fleming and I have contacted you before telling you about your wife contacting me in Mexico. My question to is Is there any career that you know of in the direction of fishing like you do or is there a call for assisting at all. Also if I wanted to do a two month placement with a company like yours do you do such a thing to promote women to enjoy the sport of fishing. I have approached someone in Belize to go there for 2 months. I really want all the experience I can get before deciding what to do. My heart is with nature water and fish.

Posted on October 16th, 2013

Hi Kimberly…Glad to hear you have such a passion for fishing and the outdoors. I am also a graduate from SSFC, Frost Campus Fish & Wildlife Technician. There are many opportunities to work in the outdoor that may or may not be involved with fishing. We have had co-op students work at Canadian Sportfishing, but it has been in the video production field. Your best bet is either to try and get a relationship with a major fishing lodge, like in British Columbia, the NWT (Plummer’s Lodges), or some of the larger lodges in Ontario/Manitoba, and working in some capacity that could include guiding, doing consumer shows through the winter months for them, or even working in their administration. Exotic locations like Belize, Costa Rica, etc. sound great, but I don’t know how easy it is to get, or if you even require work-visas if you are a non-resident. Hope you can make a carrier from your passion…God bless you, Ialo

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