Hi Italo. I live on Sturgeon Lake near Emily Creek. Every my buddies and I put out our ice huts in search of perch. We have had our 4 huts out for almost 2 weeks now and can’t find a single perch? We are in about 10-12 feet and some of us are right in the weedbed and others are a bit deeper near the edge of the weedbed. It’s good coontail weed mixed with rocks. Same places we find them every year. We’re using live minnows and also jigging to attract them but haven’t even seen any down the hole? Any suggestions on where to try? Thanks in advance.

Posted on January 15th, 2021

Hi Randy, perch can be as tricky as Walleye to locate since they can migrate from different areas from year to year and even month to month. If you are not catching them where you have in the past I would suggest you try fishing deeper off the weeds or trying some humps that are in open water not too far from shore. You may also want to check-out open-water weed beds that are off structure like off of Muskrat Island especially at the north-east end off the rock point that goes out and also off the weedline. The other area is the south-end of the island on the shoal off the 10-20′ break.

If you have not used a “thumper” before I would also encourage you to have a rod rigged with heavier braid and a 1 oz. weight with a swivel and large willow-leaf blade. Use it to “pound” the bottom a few times before starting to fish. Perch from a distance will be curious from the puff of sediments and noise and will be drawn in.

I would also encourage you to try jigging with either a Jigging Rapala in the W3 or W4 size oversizing the bottom treble and adding a chartreuse plastic trout egg to one of the hooks on the treble. Jig it on the bottom and lift & jig slowly. That can also work to bring perch in.

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