Hi , Italo I live in the fraser valley of british columbia and would like to know your opinion on largemouth fishing during winter months in this style of climate. Lots of rain, cold , sometimes around 0 celceus. I would still like to go fish for largemouth but with our ever changing climate ( somtimes hourly) it’s pretty hard. i would like to know any tactics that may help during these tough fishing conditions. Thanks.

Posted on February 4th, 2016

You can catch bass all season long if the regulations allows it.  Largemouth bass during cool-weather periods will become very in-active. Live bait works well in cold water conditions like dew worms, live baitfish, crayfish, and leeches.

italo_largemouth_netThe best artificial presentations to use than is either hard-baits like “slash” or “twitch-baits” that can be worked suspended in a fishes strike zone for the longest time. Soft-baits that can be fished slow will also work well like Senkos, “wacky-worm” rigs and drop-shot rigs fished close to the bottom.   Bass location can get tricky. They can still be shallow, but they can also hold in deeper water between 10-20′. The only way you will know their location is by trial and error.

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