Hi Italo I live in Oakville ON and wanted to try some carp fishing before they spawn. DO you know any good spots to target them within two hours of drive from Oakville. Also I was considering London area Thames River do you know any particular spots at Thames River where can I target carp as I have never been there before. Also I was at Queenston April 26 at 10 pm to 2 am for smelt and barely found a spot to fish because of all Asian people there they bring their whole family. Took me half an hour to find a spot and managed to catch 1 bucket. the trip was not successful because my net was big heavy and I couldnt throw even 4 m and pulling it was very tough too. All the fish was escaping from my net. Can you recommend a good net dimensions and till what date approx will smelt continue running. Thankyou very much.

Posted on April 29th, 2011

Hi John…I am not familiar with carp spots on the Thames River so I can’t give you any directions. One of the best spots to catch carp all season long is where the DeJardines Canal flows into Hamilton Bay. They have a carp-barrier up on the canal to stop the carp from getting into Coote’s Paradise so there is a high concentration of them there. You can park on the west side of Hwy.#403 and use the walking path that goes under Hwy.#403 to get there. Regarding the smelt, when they are running there is lot’s of competition to catch them. Last year I would go down there mid-afternoon during he week and catch as many as I wanted with just a couple of other people fishing for them. The standard smelt net is 6’x6′. The best netting material is one that is light and that does not absorb a lot of water. That way you can lift the net up faster without too many smelt swimming out. The smelt whould be running at least until the middle of May….God bless you, Italo

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