Hi Italo, I live in Kitchener area, so am quite far from the Great Lakes, what do you think, what would be the closest river around here where fish like rainbows and browns come into? I wonder if there is any trout in Nith river from the lakes. It is quite far upstream though. I am sure there are some in Grand river but not this far upstream. Plus, there are dams and such things. Anyways, thank you for your tips!

Posted on August 17th, 2016

Hi Dako, you are correct, there are no migratory trout or salmon in the Nith River. The Grand River gets a good run of steeelhead especially up to the Caledonia Dam & beyond.

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The other closest Lake Ontario tributary that has salmon, steelhead and brown trout run up it is Bronte Creek, Oakville, ON…God bless you.

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