Hi Italo, i live in ajax and am new to ice fishing, i have a drill and rods however i am having a hard time finding any fish(besides baby perch), could you suggest a few locations within 1-2 hours i can go ice fishing, dont really care about the species just whatever i have the beat chance of catching in numbers so my kids dont get bored. Also what lures/ baits would you recommend and how far off the bottom should i fish?, thank you very much in advance.

Posted on February 19th, 2019

Hi Jack, I would suggest you drive up Hwy.12 to Beaverton or Pefferlaw, ON and go after perch. That side of Lake Simcoe has some of the most consistent perch and jumbo perch fishing in your area. Most anglers fish for them within 2′ of the bottom either using a “pickerel-rig” with two small, live minnows.

Or jigging a small !/8 oz. spoon like the Blue Fox Rattlin’ Flash spoon or the Jigging Rapala in sizes W2 & W3 rigged with a chartreuse ClearFloat soft-bead on the bottom hook.

You jig slowly off the bottom and raise your lure up slowly. Perch usually strike it as it is moving upwards. Hope you catch fish….God bless you.

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