Hi Italo, I like to still fish, I mean just cast and watch the rod tip for movement. I have no problem catching carp this way, sooner or later they pull hard and i set the hook, but I often don’t really know when to strike when trout or walleye are in question. What is your experience with trout and walleye fishing? How do you know when to strike when they so often seem not to pull so hard and clear? Thank you!

Posted on August 10th, 2015


Good question. If you are using live bait for any species, you wait until you think the fish has actually taken the bait in their mouth, not just picked it up with their jaws.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to let them take some line on a free-spool and when they start moving away with the bait, gently set the hook (no fast snap of the rod), that way you should get a good hook set and minimize pulling the bait/hook out of their mouth).

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