Hi italo I know u are familiar with the Welland river so Id like to pick your brain a bit. Lat year I didnt have a boat and did alot of my fishing at the Welland canalriver aqueduct the one closest to the easy main bridge and the courthouse. I do catch fish here but I find that when bass are visible from the bridge when Im standing above them they are very finicky….I usually do my best with a drop shot rig with live minnows…my question to you would be..what are some things you would try in this area And have you had any success getting these highly pressured fish to bite The time of year if we want to be specific would be closer to fall when the water is clear but for all I know they are there all the time I just cant see them! Anyways thank you for the quick response to my previous questions and I hope they will pay off this spring : thank you Italo god bless

Posted on February 18th, 2015

Hi Chris…I normally don’t fish the Aquaducts, or for fish I can see in the river. I find that casting and fishing the banks where I don’t spot fish first produces the best results. I think the drop-shot rig you are using is the right way to go. The only thing I would suggest is that if they are that “finicky”, instead of using live minnows, use live leeches. From my experiences, even finicky smallmouth can’t resist a live, swimming leech on a drop-shot hook…..God bless you & your family also, Italo

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