Hi Italo, I know of some water bodies that have been stocked with trout. They get stocked every year and I do read about it afterwards, but I would actually like to see and be there in person when they do that. Do you know some internet site that actually states the date when the stocking will take place at a certain lake? I know that weather and temperature of the water needs to be at a certain point and this is not easy to predict but anyways, Thank you!

Posted on April 27th, 2017

Hi Angler, I don’t believe there are any such site. Most trout are stocked during cold water temperature periods normally in the fall, sometimes in the spring. The stocking can be done by the OMNR&F, or in partnership with private fish hatcheries. The only way you can find out is to contact the OMNR&F, speak to the district biologist of the area you are interested in and find out if there are any trout stocking planned in specific lakes in the future. I have a feeling that there is no exact schedule and that stocking takes place when personel, vehicles and weather is idea….God bless you.

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