Hi Italo, I just wonder why do trout fishermen tend to use smaller hooks and baits in clear water and larger in high and stained? Is this just because of visibility or is it something else? Hook size is something that can be debated I guess. Most fishermen would consider a #4 octopus hook to be too large for trout, yet it only as long as a #1 blue fox spinner blade, which is considered small by most lol Anyways, what would be an average size hook for stocked rainbows in your opinion? Thank you!

Posted on November 10th, 2018

Hi Dako, most anglers fishing for tributary trout/steelhead use smaller hooks most of the time for two main reasons; 1. Small hooks are lighter, have a shorter gap between the hook point and the shaft and are less likely to get caught on the bottom when drift fishing. 2. Small hooks are much easier to “embed” in the mouth of a fish when using lighter line then a larger hook. 3. Small hooks are less visible then larger hooks in clear water. In murkier water it’s common for tributary anglers to up-size their roe bag or artificials so that the fish can detect them easier. To go along with the larger bait, they sometimes up-size their hook, but not always.  Average size hook for fishing stocked rainbows ranging from 12-16″ long would be a #8 or #10 hook.

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