Hi Italo. I just have a question about spinning reels. You know how a reel has an “anti reverse lever” so that when it is on it does not let the handle of the reel go backwards. Some reels have an instant anti reverse while others let the handle turn back quite a bit before stopping. What is generally better when still fishing? Perhaps the old school reels were actually better because they let the fishing line out a bit so the fish wouldn’t feel the tension right away. Perhaps not lol What do you think? Thank you!

Posted on August 24th, 2018

You can use either spinning reel for fishing bait where you wait for a fish to pick it up and take off with it. If you mostly “still-fish”, either with bait and a bobber or just on the bottom you should really use a “bait-runner” spininng reel that is equipped with two drags. One for fighting fish and one that you set for letting line out at a certain tension when a fish takes the bait.  With these reels, a fish can take line (with a very loose drag), but as soon as you turn the handle, the main drag engages.

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