Hi Italo, I just caught a few brown and rainbow trout today in this creek and then when it got a bit dark a bunch of huge crayfish started eating my corn. I was very surprised at the size and the high numbers of these things. I bet they were over 4 inches long. I have seen crayfish before, but way smaller. Anyways, I think I heard that they only live in pristine water and will not tolerate any pollution? Have you heard anything like that about these weird crustaceans? Thank you!

Posted on September 28th, 2019

Hi Dako, Good job in catching the trout. Crayfish can get up to 4/5” long. Some crayfish are native, others like the Rusty Crayfish are an invasive species. They are often caught when using bait in the bottom since they are omnivorous.

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