Hi Italo I hope you had a great summer of fishing. I was thinking of doing some crappie fishing in Rice Lake early Oct. evening fishing for crappie is good but if I decide to fish in the mornings what time is a good time to fish. With your experience would you suggest I try the southern part of the lake in around Bewdley or northern part of the lake north of the railroad. Thank you

Posted on September 26th, 2014

Hi Fisher Girl….We’ve had a great summer, thank you. I have had good luck in the bay behind Cow Island. There are 7′ open-water pockets in-between the weeds between the docks and the island. As water temperatures drop similarly to spring temp., around 42F, crappie will move shallow again, just like in the spring. Crappie can be very nocturnal, so late afternoon/evening, and even just after dark is best. They can behave kind of like walleye and be scattered in open water, off weedlines during the day, but move into the shallows towards night….God bless you, Italo

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