Hi Italo, I have just started float fishing for steelhead. I am wondering if you could give a brief description on floats to use, shot patterns and length of the leaders/length from the float to use in pools. God Bless!

Posted on October 24th, 2015

General tips for float-fishing with a drift-outfit. Good lb/test for main line, 8lb. tests. Monofilament lines that are neutral buoyancy or that float or best for drift fishing (not ones that have negative-buoyancy/sink), since these lines will result in a less natural float drift-presentation. You should always use a float that has neutral buoyancy (floats at the right location on the float so that it is very easy to submerge by the fish, not too buoyant).


The float size will be determined by the speed of water you are fishing and the depth you want to make your presentation. For most shallow-drifting in slow to moderate current flow a 1-3 gram float will probably work well. For deeper-drifts in faster current where you want to make your presentation 8-12′ deep a 4-6 gram, or larger float may be necessary. The amount of weight used should always be proportional to the size of the float and current speed/water depth.

Staggered light-shot works best in slower moving, shallower drifting situations. Less staggered, heavier-shot works best in faster moving, deeper drifting situations….God bless you, Italo

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