Hi Italo, I have been watching your shows for years. The one thing that you might address is different fileting knife options depending on the fish caught . Top brand knives don’t always last when going through bones and some flex too much. Please give me some suggestions.

Posted on December 2nd, 2021

Hi Roy, Glad you are enjoying out TV shows. You are absolutely right, for anglers that want to keep, clean and enjoy their catch the right knife for the job is critical. I still use the original Rapala balsa-wood fillet knives in the 4″ (for panfish) to the 7″ for larger fish. The blade is made of a quality metal and really keeps it’s edge.  When the blade gets a little dull from going thorough larger bones I just use a “steel” to hone the edge back. If I’m cleaning really big fish I use the Bubba knife which also keeps a great edge and has a “hand-friendly” grip that enables you to hold the knife even when your hands gets slippery from fish slime.

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