Hi Italo, I have been using a fast action rod for rainbows as I feel I get a better hook set but perhaps of this I loose some fish because they have soft mouths and come off quite easy during reeling the fish in sometimes. I use a sliding sinker rig and fish on the bottom. Anyways, I also have a rod that is softer at the tip, like medium action. What rod would you use, fast action or softer one for this kind of fishing? Also from my experience a small hook is needed for trout but very small gap on the hook is a potential lost fish lol Thank you!

Posted on July 8th, 2018

Hi Dako, a light to medium action fishing outfit is best if you are fishing bait or small artificial lures for smaller trout. You don’t want a stiff action since trout can jump, roll in the line and make head-shakes during the fight. Also, it’s best to use a monofilament line that has stretch and that is clear. The smaller the hook you can use, the better. Smaller hooks have a lower diameter and smaller barbs which are easier to hook a fish and once the hook is past the barb, it is virtually impossible for the fish to get it out during the fight.

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