Hi Italo i have been fishing the welland river i have fished it about 8 times now and caught only 3 cats out of 8 times out do you know what might be going on i used all the right bait there just seems to be nothing taking the bait one more question is it a myth or is fishing really bad in a east wind fished a day light east wind and never even had a bite all day and how soon after a rain will things pick up THANKS

Posted on June 12th, 2014

Hi Mike….The Welland River can be temperamental due to water clarity caused from strong winds & rain (which we have had quite a bit of this spring). Also, fish can move from one section of the river to the other through the “aqueducts” in Welland & at Bigger Rd., Port Robinson. So it really is a matter of timing and water conditions. My friend Barry Pringle used to fish for channel catfish early in the season fishing around any trees that are in the water from a boat using chunks of baitfisih. If you shore fish, your percentage of hooking fish drops since you have to wait for the fish to come to you. Things are definitely late this spring, so I am optimistic that the fishing will improve as we move into summer and the weather stabilizes. Direction of wind can also be a big factor to fishing in Ontario. Fishing is definitely tougher when we have an east-wind since that wind means a real change in weather (usually bringing in a cold-front). The prevailing wind in Ontario is from the north-west, which usually means normal conditions. A south-wind usually brings in warmer weather and obtain rain, but an east-wind means anything can happen; cold-front, storms, etc. So, an east wind is the least favorable to fish in…..God bless you, Italo

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