Hi Italo, I have been fishing for large mouth bass with a kayak at Frenchman’s bay, Pickering, ON, for years, this year however since the season opener I haven’t been able to catch a single bass, I’m very confused as to what’s happened, do you have any ideas. I have tried pitching and frogs in the weeds as well as jigs and crankbaits in deeper water.Thanks for your time Italo

Posted on July 1st, 2018

Hi Jack, tough to give you an educated answer when I have not fished there recently. My first response would be that if you are fishing the same areas you have in the past with the same presentations and having not luck, you should fish other areas in the bay that you have not fished before. I think if the bass were where you have caught them in the past, you would have caught some. It’s common for fish to move out of one area and occupy another area the following year. We did have a late spring this year and that may have affected the bass location as well. With the hot-spell we are having, if you do go back out, I would suggest you either go our very early (daybreak), or late (after 5pm), when the largemouth should be cruising and more active.

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