Hi italo i have been a fan of your for many years and your advice has caught me alot of fish. What i wanted to ask is i want to get into channel cat fishing i heard the grand river in dunville is great for that fishing what time of year is good and wat baits to use thankyou and god bless you.

Posted on January 9th, 2011

Hi Christopher…Thank you for your kind words. The best time to fish for channel catfish below the Dunnville, ON dam is from March to the middle of May, with April being one of the best times. You can fish right from shore, or from a small boat. The fish are scattered right from the dam, down to the first bend below Fishmasters located at 776 Main St. East, Dunnville, ON. The best bait is to use either a chunk of baitfish such as sucker, shiner, smelt, or shad. You can buy frozen smelt in a grocery store and the bait shop at Fishmasters, also sells cut-bait. Just use a sliding-sinker rig on the bottom and you will catch fish. I would suggest you call Steve Hardcastle owner of Fishmasters as we get in spring to find out what the fishing conditions are like before going down..God bless you, Italo

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