Hi italo I have asked you several questions and I appreciate all the answer you have given. I have an endless thirst fro fishing knowledge and its nice to know there is someone I can get answers from. I have purchased 2 mini walker downriggers for my 14 aluminum boat and I was wondering do you know of any atfer market line counters I can purchase to install on my downriggers as they dont have any. Also how do you properly attach a flasher to your line and do you only use a flasher with spoons please keep up the good work!!!

Posted on March 22nd, 2012

Hi James…Thank you for your kind words. Glad I can be of help. Rapala makes a line counter that you can affix to your fishing rod if you do not have a line-counter reel. I have a feeling you can adapt it for your portable downriggers. You can fish a flasher with spoons, salmon/trout Great Lakes flies, hoochies (looks like a plastic squid), and even a Rhys Davis head/herring strip. Most anglers use a snap-swivel at the end of their main line that they use to attach onto the flasher. At the other end of the flasher they attach a leader to the swivel anywhere from 2′-6′ back with the preferred lure….God bless you, Italo

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