Hi Italo I have an 18 foot fish and ski boat equipped with a 55 pound thrust Minnkota electric motor 12v. The motors blade is the weedless wedge 2. I find that I can not go through really thick weeds without the motor stopping and having to clear the weeds from the prop. Also the thin weeds get into the housing and rap around the pin inside the prop. I really like the Terrova especially in open water to stay on a weedline but am dissappointed at how much I have to clear weeds from the prop. The 55 pound thrust was sized by the boat dealer and confirmed sizing by Minnkota. Do I have to go to a higher pound thrust motor to get through weeds Do you have any other not as expensive options or ideas Thanks.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Paul….You have a nice fishing outfit! What I did when I tournament fished and fished heavy weeds quite a bit was epoxy a exacto-knife blade to the head of the electric so that the blade intercepted any weeds that the base of the prop normally ends up catching and eventually slowing down. You have to install it carefully. I used 5-min epoxy and it worked really well. If you do instal one, you have to remember it’s there if you ever go and handle that part of the electric motor head since the edge is really sharp and you can get cut….God bless you, Italo

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