Hi Italo I have a question regarding trolling for suspended walleye. I have not had the opportunity to try this technique yet but I want to try this summer. I have heard this is a good technique. Have you tried this before What types of crankbaits or spinners would you recommend Also the deepest place in the lake is 100 feet how deep of water should I been in and how far down should my hooks be Thank You Derek

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Derek…I have done much fishing for suspended walleye. This technique works well in lakes that are deeper and walleye learn to feed in forage such as gizzard shad, smelt, Ciscoe (Lake Herring), and other species of baitfish that feed suspended in the water column over deeper water. A good example is the Lake Erie summer walleye fishery and Lake Ontario (Bay of Quinte late fall ) fishery. Most common lures to fish for suspended walleye are deep diving crankbaits that swim as deep as 30′, like the Rapala Tail Dancer #11, the Rapala Husky Jerk (weighted down, off a downrigger, or off a diving device), fluttering Great Lakes spoons (like those used off downriggers, and worm harnesses. They key is to locate the depth the suspended walleye are feeding at. A reliable fish finder really helps. Good diving devices to get your lures down include: the Luhr Jensen Dipsey Diver, Deep Six and Pink Lady. It’s also normal when fishing for suspended walleye in shallower water (less than 30′. to also use “in-line” planer boards to troll your lines away from the outboard motor trail…..God bless you, Italo

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