Hi Italo! I have a question regarding fishing line for Pike. I have two Bait Cast Reels, one is a Shimano Chronarch MGL with 40LB Power Pro and the Other is a Shimano Curado DC with 12LB Fluorocarbon. Both will use a 50LB Fluorocarbon Leader. My question is do I really need heavier line than 12LB Test with a 50LB leader? I’ve consistantly caught more Walleye on Fluoro than Braid. What are your thoughts?

Posted on March 11th, 2019

Hi Matt, for average-size pike up to 38″, using 12 lb. test especially with lures up to 14cm, will be fine. If you plan on targeting much bigger pike, over 42″ and casting large “musky-type” lures (big bucktails, big jerk-baits, and swim baits of 1 oz or more in weight), then I would encourage you to go with heavier line than 12 lb. test. It’s up to you if you go with braid or a fluorocarbon castable line. The heavier line weight should prevent heavier lure from snapping off  if you have a gear “malfunction” like the line getting caught around a guide/tip, on the reel, or not releasing the line during a cast. …God bless you.

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