hi Italo, I have a question for you but first. I watched a tutorial from you about how to use a baitcaster I wanted to say thanks that helped me a lot on using it now I use it more often. Now my question is where can I get a Canadian sportfishing hat cuz I would like to get one .2nd there is going to be a boat and sportsman show coming to Ottawa on in feb 2019 have you thought about going to share your knowledge and expertise, if you do pls let me know cause I will then go

Posted on December 15th, 2018

Hi Philip, glad the baitcater tutorial has helped you. Best to practice setting it up properly and adjusting the tension when you switch the weight of lures you are casting. We do not have Canadian  Sportfishing hats available. I do attend many of the consumer shows in Ontario including the Toronto International Boat Show, The Spring Fishing & Boat Show and the Toronto Sportsmen Show where I present fishing seminars. Unfortunately I am not booked to attend the Ottawa Sportsmen Show. Hope you have a great winter and wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas celebration and fishy 2019!

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