Hi, Italo, I have a question about your Motorguide xi5 trolling motor. It appears you have your transducer mounted to your motor. I have an xi3 and would be very interested to see or hear how you have run the cable from your transducer back to your head unit. Thanks very much. Love your show!

Posted on January 8th, 2021

Hi Farrel,  I have used the Raymarine electric motor transducer mount for the Element7. I simply mount the transducer onto the head of the electric and then run the cable up the shaft. I use a nylon pull-tie to secure the cable just above the electric motor head (so that the cable does not interfere with deploying/raising the electric), and then I use a nylon pull-tie at the top of the electric to secure the transducer cable loosely just below the top of the electric. This leaves me plenty of room to raise or lower the motor shaft as required.

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