Hi Italo I have a question about spring pike.What is the trick to catching bigger pike in the spring and into summer.Every tournament we go to we catch lots of pike but have trouble getting the kicker 30 inch plusThanks ItaloBrian

Posted on May 11th, 2017

Hi Brian, larger pike usually move to slightly deeper water in late spring and summer. While you can catch average-size pike in “classic’ pike-looking water like shallow, weedy bays or fishing weeds along shorlines, larger pike will be tend to be loners feeding in slightly deeper water.

Good places to look for larger pike is isolated weedbeds that are near or surrounded by deeper water. This could be “saddles’ that go from a point to an island, or from one island to another, deeper weedlines and deeper weeds growing in open water. In lakes where there is a lack of vegetations, larger pike will look for larger food out in the open (like coarse fish and smaller gamefish). I have often caught the largest pike when fishing lakes with little aquatic vegetation when I have found a school of smaller walleye on a specific structure spot. We will catch a bunch of small walleye, than “Wham!”, a 40″+ pike. The larger pike there are definitely looking for a walleye meal. I other words, larger pike behave more like decent size musky than smaller pike….God bless you.

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