Hi Italo, I have a few questions about carp fishing. I live in Burlington, On, and have seen many large schools of carp in lake Ontario. I was wondering if I have to purchase any special gear for such large fish? I have also have found some web sites that mentioned \”hair rigs\” for carp do you suggest trying this method? Lastly, when is the best time of year to try to fish for carp? Oh ya, you might want to pass this on to people who are looking to find a great spot to take their kids for non-stop pan fish action. I take my son to Burns Lake. Thanks and God Bless. Jim

Posted on February 23rd, 2008

Hi Jim….You can use any gear to catch carp. If you are planning on hooking fish over 20 lb., I would suggest you go with a heavier line. Hir rigs worm very well if you plan to fish with either boiled “cattle-corn” kernels or “boilies”. The best time to fish for carp is after they have finished spawning and start to feed heavily. This usuallyltakes place in Southern Ontario by the middle of June. Thanks for the tip on Burns Lake….God bless you, Italo

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