Hi Italo I have a couple rookie questions haha… I was wondering do you know any fishing spots close to London ON that has 4050+lb fish I am relatively new to fishing but really want to fight bigger fish Also could I use a light standup rod for this type of fishing it would be ONLY for shore usewould a 56 be ok I need it to be somewhat easy to store in my car. And could I use a rod with 2 roller guides the first guide and tip… I heard its for trolling but that it also increases your line life significantly. Lastly would you use braid with a monoflouro topshot or all monoflouro or whatfor fish wo teeth Hopefully you can answer my questions sorry again for some dumb questions thanks!

Posted on September 8th, 2014

Hi Evan…There are only two species of fish that you can legally fish for in southern Ontario that you have a chance of catching between 40-50 lb.  Those are carp and musky.  Batching either species that large is very rare. Carp average 5-25 lb., and musky 12-30 lb.  Carp can be caught from shore in most waters in sourthern Ontario including the Thames River, right in London, ON, but they will be smaller in size.  To hook large carp you need to fish the Great Lakes, either Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, or Lake Huron. Best places to angle for them is in harbor mouths using either canned corn kernels, or prepared carp baits like the Carp Zoom brand.  If you would like to watch TV shows I have done on catching large carp which has a lot of tips, I would encourage you to go to our, http://www.youtube.com/user/ItaloLabignan ,  subscribe, it’s free, and type in Italo fishing for carp, Hamilton, ON.  If you want to catch a musky from shore, with the chance of hooking a 30 lb.+ fish, the only place I know you can do it near you is fishing off the break-wall on the Detroit River, ON across from Pesche Island at the Windsor, ON marina.  The best presentation to use there is to cast large, sinking swim-baits like the Storm large swimbaits, http://international.stormlures.com/products/wildeye-swim-shad . The rod you have with two roller guides is specifically for trolling single-strand stainless steel line or leadcore.  It is not the proper rod for you to use for shore fishing.  You need a rod that enables you to make long casts and that is equipped with a high-capacity reel to hold a couple hundred yards of 50 lb. test Sufix 832 braided line.  I would encourage you to look at the Rapala Magnum series of big game fishing rods at, http://rapala.ca/products/magnum-freshwater . When you look at the line spec’s, keep in mind that they are based on line diameter of monofilament line, so a rod that is rated for 25 lb test can handle braided line up to 80 lb. test easily…..God bless you, Italo

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