Hi Italo, I guess in spring brown trout are located in relatively shallow water when it comes to small lakes, but is it usually better to fish for them on the bottom or closer to the surface? Thank you!

Posted on April 4th, 2016

As soon as lakes open-up in the spring and shoreline water temperatures start to warm-up first, brown trout like rainbow and brook trout will feed along shoreline areas, around inlets/outlets of a lake and especially around any wood that is in the water like fallen trees along the shoreline, submerged beaver “food-stashes” and around beaver dams.


They will feed both along the bottom on darters, invertebrates, leeches and crayfish that are just starting to become active and they will also feed in suspended baitfish that are also feeding off the shorelines. So you can catch them fishing a variety of lures, bait and flies.

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