Hi Italo I going to tim river in Algonquin for brook trout on may 8. It is a kind of swampy river in between two large lakes and there are lots of beaver dams. What lures or baits should I use what line and what are some tips on where to fish…thanks PS.If you know anything about Tim lake or rosebury lake could you give me some tips for brookies and lakers there. Once again thanks.

Posted on March 30th, 2015

Hi Mark…In my younger years I fished in Algonquin Park for brook & lake trout, and smallmouth bass, but I have not fished the Tim River or Rosebury Lake.  I would suggest you use 6 lb. test monofilament line with a 6 lb. fluorocarbon leader.  You should take some worms with you and an assortment of small trout hooks, some split-shot sinkers and some small floats.  Sometimes fishing half a worm on a hook along the shoreline with a float can be very productive, especially once you go to your camp site and you want to do some fishing from shore.  Both trout species should be pretty active when you go up and they should hit an assortment of lures.  Some of my favorite spoons to cast and troll for them are the Lucky Strike Banshee Wobbler ( http://www.luckystrikebaitworks.com/product.asp?p=12 ), the size #125 Humper ( http://www.luckystrikebaitworks.com/product.asp?p=25 ), and the Algonquin Wobbler in the#2 size ( http://www.luckystrikebaitworks.com/product.asp?p=9 ).   Small Vibrax #1 & #2 spinners, the Rapala CD3 & 4, The Rapala Shad Rap #5, and the Original Rapala are also very good lures to cast or troll with.  If you are having a tough time locating trout in the lake, I would suggest you try trolling with an in-line spoon (acts as an attractor), and a 18-24″ leader with a hook/worm.  The Lucky Strike Algonquin Wobbler in the #3 or #4 size will work well for this.  You just take the treble hook off the spoon and add a second swivel to it (swivel at both ends).  Trolling in a “zig-zag” pattern along the shorelines and even out in open water should help you locate the trout quickly.  For the lake trout you may also want to take some 3/8 & 1/2 oz. in-line trolling sinkers (they usually have a “keel” & bead-chain so they don’t twist the line while trolling), that you can add about 2-3 feet ahead of your trolling rig to get your presentation deeper….God bless you, Italo

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