Hi Italo…I fished with you and your crew number of years ago in Big Bay. Fishing for walleye on a hot sunny day. Successful day. You introduced me to Rapala Taildancer, hot chub…still my go to lure.Question…went there last week, weeds almost gone, poor fishing.You recently fished near Picton again along weed beds, successfully it appears.Where/what do you recommend next week or so.Thanks…Peter

Posted on October 18th, 2015

Hi Peter. I recommend fishing the deeper weedlines in Adolphus Reach close to where the Bay meets Lake Ontario, off both the north & south shorelines. It appears the walleye are a little late in entering the lower Bay in high numbers.


I have a feeling there are still lot’s of big walleye just out of the Reach going towards Kingston and Amherst Island, but they should be moving in soon. Best lure to cast or troll with is the Tail Dancer #11. It will dive down to 30′. Hope find them and catch them!

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