Hi Italo, I do alot of fishing at my cottage in Hockley Valley Area, we are on a private man made lake, it has unbeleivable Largemouth Bass fishing and very decent Rainbow Trout fishing. The lake at it\’s deepest is about 25ft. The owner of the lake wants to stock walleye in it, the oxygen levels in the lake a good and we have never had fish kills, what are the chances of the walleyes surviving as fingerlings and what are the chances of them naturally reproducing? Thanks and God Bless you.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Matt…Sounds like a nice lake. Chances of walleye survival sound excellent. I don\’t know if there is any spawning habitat that would enable the walleye to spawn successfully. If the owner wants to get good advice before stocking any other species, I would encourage him to contact the President of the Ontario Aquaculture Association (for sportfishing), Karl Dickob to get his expertice. He can be reached at, kinmountfishfarm@sympatico.ca …God bless you, Italo

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