Hi italo i do alot of bass fishing on lake scugog amd on rice lake, most of my fish come from heavy weeds and mats on frogs and punch rigs, i was just wondering if those locations and presentations will keep working until winter when it is to cold to fish?, if not where do you suggest i look?, i fish from a boat but dont have a fish finder

Posted on September 3rd, 2018

Largemouth bsss will continue to feed in heavy weed growth until the weeds start dying and the shallow water becomes very cold. This usually happens rights after “turn-over”. Best locations to find bass in cold conditions is in deeper water especially around rocky structure in 8-20′ deep. If you can’t mark fish/structure  with a fishfinder I would encourage you to use a paper hydrographic chart and try and locate structure close to the weeds you have been catching bass throughout the summer. When you locate it, use a floating marker to mark the spot and fish all around it.

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