Hi Italo. I am seeing alot of articles about shore fishing for Rainbows and Brown’s in the Niagara Region (specifically Lake Ontario). I’m familiar with bottom bouncing techniques like on the Niagara river where there is current. How are these fish being caught on the shores of Lake Ontario with very little current? Is it basically casting spoons or can other rigs work as well, such as skein or Roe and if so how are they rigged up?

Posted on March 24th, 2018

Hi Tim, you can cast lures and also fish roe bags. Most anglers fishing roe if there is no current will either add a small piece of Styrofoam in their roe bag so that it suspends off the bottom and will use a sliding-sinker rig with about a 2-3′ leader. If there is a flow they will bottom-bounce with a hook and a couple of split-shot sinkers, or use a float rig.

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