hi italo, i am relatively new to fishing, but i grew up watching canadian sportfishing! i live in downtown toronto and am wondering if you have any suggestions for what species would be good fishing now (late october) and in the coming months. one of my usual spots is currently closed off and i’ve been trying some new ponds and other spots but without any success. i’m going to try for pike at humber bay park but am curious if you have any other ideas?

Posted on October 29th, 2018

Hi Brad, right now all of the lower sections of the tributaries in Toronto have good numbers of Chinook salmon and some steelhead and brown trout. Check the regulations to see which ones have an “extended” fall fishing season and which sections have an “all year” open fishing season. Most angler fish the Rouge, Humber and the Credit River and Bronte Creek. If you fish any of the marina basins like at Scarborough or even the mouth of the Credit including Humber Bay, the pike should be coming out of the shallows and staging in the water off the boat docks in 5-10′ depth before they head out to the main lake….God bless you.

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