Hi Italo, I am looking at a Legend Prosport TL 16 and a TL 14 ft boat. The 14 ft would service my needs better for my general fishing requirements. I have fished the lower Niagara with guides and friends and feel comfortable in the river from the queenston launch down to the mouth. People keep telling me the 14 and 16 both deep V and wide body are too small. I am not interested in fishing the hole or even the bar on a windy day. My focus is on the drifts I stated. I respect your opinion and the knowledge you have in regards to the Niagara river. Thank you….Steve

Posted on March 13th, 2016

Hi Steve, thank you for your kind words. A 14-16′ deep-V aluminum is fine for fishing both the Lower or Upper Niagara River and even Lake Ontario & Lake Erie. Like fishing from any boat, you have to watch the weather and wind conditions.


The boat you have in mind of purchasing is good. I would encourage you to also consider getting a 65-80 lb. thrust electric motor and a reliable sonar like the Raymarine Dragonfly unit to make sure you maximize your fishing….God bless you.

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