Hi Italo, i am just curious about blue lure color and walleye. When would you use a blue colored lure for walleye? Some people consider it a clear water color, but some use it in stained it seems? Thank you

Posted on December 16th, 2021

I try and match the lure color to forage I believe the fish are feeding on.

Blue Lures.
The Rapala Jointed Shad Rap in the bleeding-blue color can work excellent when Walleye are feeding on open-water blue-back baitfish.

In the case of Walleye, blue or purple back lures with silver sides are one of my favorite to troll with in the fall when larger Walleye start to stage for winter and feed heavily on forage like immature Gizzard Shad and other forage that have blue backs. In northern lakes where Walleye learn to feed on imature Cisco (Lake Herring), the same principle applies.

Blue Lures.
Bright UV fluorescent colored lures work great in mid-summer when algae blooms of tannins in the water make for turbid conditions.

If I fish really stained water in the summer from algae or tannic water from minerals in our northern lakes I often go to a bright chartreuse or UV fluorescent colored lure.

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