Hi Italo I am going to one of the slow moving rivers near my house in Calgary called the Elbow river. have you ever fished there If so any tips would be great also I will be casting for whitefish with a spin cast setup from shore I dont have flies and I dont have any bait except soft plastics any lures that might give me some luck and if there are any lures should I fast crank them in or slow roll them. Thanks?

Posted on June 26th, 2014

Hi Josh…Thanks for your question, I also answered the same question on our You/Tube channel. I have not fished the Elbow River, but I know that many anglers do and that it produces a good quantity of smaller trout and other fish. I would suggest you fish light; 4 lb. test clear monofilament line like the Sufix Elite or Seige with a 16-20″, 4 lb. test Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. Some of the best producing, small lures will be those that imitate the smaller fish the larger trout and whitefish will feed on such as: Rapala Countdown #1-#3, Vibrax #1 & #2, the ultralight series of Rapalas like the Ultralight Minnow & Shad, and also small 1/16-1/8 oz. hair & plastic grub jigs that imitate the invertebrates and other smaller organisms both fish species will feed on. As far as presentation, for the wobbling/spinning lures make sure that you are fishing them closer to the bottom and use a retrieve that produces a good action (not to fast, or the lures will run too shallow). I would suggest you try the wobbling/spinning lures in a stretch first, & than follow-up with the jigs. You can fish the jigs just on your line and ‘drift” them along the bottom, or you can use a sensitive float to keep them just off the bottom and make them swim through the water column by gently “twitching” your float…..God bless you, Italo

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