Hi Italo. I am going to be staying near Glenora in the first week of July and I know you did a fishing show on Adolphus Reach a while ago but you were fishing in August I believe. Do you have any tips for fishing that area in early July. Looking to target some bass and walleye if possible. Have a small boat and hopefully the conditions will cooperate so we can get out a few times while we are there. What should I be looking for? Thanks!Rick

Posted on June 19th, 2019

Hi Rick, one of the best spots to fish for Walleye in July there is in Mallory Bay in 10-14′ water. You should see boats there drifting with jigs/bait/plastic grubs along the bottom and also trolling with a spinner/worm or worm harness/worm. The inside of Mallory, Bugotts & Carnacham Bay where the weedbeds get thick should be good for largemouth bass and pike. I would twitch the Rapala Shadow Rap over the weeds and also cast a 3/8 oz. white spinnerbait for both bass & pike.

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