Hi Italo, I am getting ready for the spring and I am starting to strip off my old line from my baitcasters. I found that so much of the line gets wasted and never even touches the water. Would putting backing on all my baitcasters be beneficial? how much backing should i use and can i use dacron backing material or would something else be better? Thanks for all your help! Ryan

Posted on April 17th, 2015

Hi Ryan…Most anglers casting and retrieving lures with their baitcasters usually use less than 150′ of line. I suggest you leave about 1/2 of your spool filled with old line and use a Blood Knot to connect to your new line. You will find that you won’t even use all of the 1/2 spool of line for average fishing (not long-line trolling). Also, when the section of line  you are using gets frayed, just take it off and re-tie the frayed end to the backing line so that you use the section that has not been used yet. When that end gets frayed also, than you change and add a new section of line to the top of your spool….God bless you, Italo

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