Hi Italo. I am a volunteer at the North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery, located in Bancroft, Ontario.Every year we stock well over 10,000 trout into local lakes. We have the only hatchery in Ontario that re-circulates our water, which results in warmer water, and fish that are 4-5 times bigger than fish that are grown in traditional flow through hatcheries.As a not-for-profit organization we hold an annual pig and lamb roast to raise the funds we need to operate.Have you ever considered mentioning community hatcheries in one of your shows?

Posted on March 20th, 2017

Hi Ian, sounds like you do a great job raising fish and stocking them in your area. I have worked with fishing clubs like the St. Catharine’s Fish & Game who work with the OMNR&F in stocking trout in Lake Ontario and I have also worked quite closely with the Ontario Fisheries Enhancement and Aquaculture Association on helping to promote aquaculture specifically for sportfishing.

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