Hi Italo, I agree with you that a Storm thin fin is an awesome lure for smallmouths. I am a bit puzzled by their diving lips though. It appears that some have plastic lips while others have metal lips or may be they are all the same and some are just painted. Is there a difference in action if there is a difference in lip design? Also, what size is good for walleye? Thank you Italo.

Posted on June 25th, 2017

Hi Angler, all the Storm Thin  Fin are plastic. The ones that look like a metal lip are painted to create more flash when it wobbles through the water. Many walleye anglers fish the Thin Fin in waters where there’s Alewife (same body profile). These include the the lower Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence (and the lake expansions). I like the 3″ size that swims down to 10’…God bless you.

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