Hi Italo hows the fishing,hope all is well i wanted to ask its been about a week 10 days now i v been getting hit by only 10to12 inch small mouth bass ,its funny but the min i change up my bait and try a wacky worm on a jighead all it takes is a few casts i catch?should i try something bigger? Or différent to catch bigger bass i fish in rivers around montreal with lots of boulders, running out of plastic worms they seem to like them,walleye arent around either,i say its because of the shad run, water levels are extremely low this year, spots i usually fish have become beaches, weeds and grass r coming in slower, looking forward to fishing as much as i can,like always thks for your time take care

Posted on June 3rd, 2021

If you’re fish but they are small on the lures you are using try twitching a Rapala Shadow Rap or Rip Stop in the same area if there are bigger fish there they should strike. As the water levels are really low this year bigger fish may not be around the same areas you caught them in the past. You may want to try fishing shorelines that go to deeper water….God bless you.

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