Hi italo hows it going? I received from someone stinger type jigs with larger hook to attache a stinger hook? Never really felt the need to use ,but in which situation would this setup most be useful?thks for your time enjoy your weekend ๐Ÿ‘

Posted on May 12th, 2020

Hi Adriano, stinger hooks are good to use when fish like walleye are very lethargic and bite โ€œshortโ€ of the main hook. The Detroit River fishery is a good example. There are times when there are thousands of walleye in the river laying close to the bottom and they are so inactive that when you get a hit, they only hit part of the soft-plastic and the fish is missed. Other times when you use live bait like nightcrawlers or minnows and you get strikes but the fish only bite off part of the worm or just mark the baitfish that is also a good time to rig a stinger hook on a jigheadโ€ฆGod bless you.

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