Hi italo hows everyone doing? Its that time of year shopping online lollll i fish mainly rivers and fast moving water, i had a question about leaders do you match the line weight? Or can we go example 12 lbs leader for 8 pound test line?and also in which conditions whould be best to use a fluorocarbon line?thks for your time ,keep your line tight and fish wet thats my moto

Posted on March 27th, 2022

Hi Adrian, We are all well thank you. God is meeting all our needs. You don’t need to match the main line weight to the leader weight. For example many steelheaders use an 8lb test main line and down to a 4 lb. test fluorocarbon leader. Another example is anglers using 10 lb. main line may use up to a 30lb fluorocarbon leader when fishing for pike. Fluorocarbon as a main line in cold water/weather can stiffen up and make it tough to cast due to coiling. I would recommend you either use a monofilament or braid for your main line.

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