Hi Italo, how would you fish for walleyes in rivers now in cold November/December before ice? I read that walleyes dont mind colder water, almost like trout?

Posted on November 27th, 2021

Walleye are drawn to moving water both in he spring and the fall when water temperatures are similar. Most of this migration happens at night. Some of the best fishing both in the spring and now is fishing the mouths of rivers as the sun is going down and also the main river just after dark. You can cast shallow-running lures from shore or from a boat or slowly troll for them. Some of the best lures to use are minnow imitation, wobbling lures in the 4-5″ size.

River Walleye
The Italo’s Minnow is excellent to use during daylight hours during the fall in fast water.

You can also fish jigs/plastic grubs near the bottom in late afternoon until dusk. Good plastic grubs can range from 3″ long twister-tails to 4″ plastic minnows like the Italo’s Minnow by Fishing Complete.

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