Hi italo how s the fishing? just wanted to know what you think about fish scent attractant? I tried a brand recently ,for walleye,washed right off ! Not sure if its because of the rapid water this late in season and water being so cold also,i fish down stream hydro dam in the north end of montreal,the shad run is supposed to be starting,come on down !!! Happy fishing

Posted on May 19th, 2019

Hi Adriano, fishing is good. Thanks for the invite. Scent is definitely important when fishing since fish can smell and some better then others. But, they don’t always use their sense of smell to strike a lure. If a lure is moving fast in current or you retrieve/troll it fast, or it’s a top-water lure, the fish don’t have a chance to smell it. They have to decide fast to leave it alone or to strike it. Smell is important if you are fishing for in-active fish and you are using a slow-moving presentation where the fish have time to come up to it and smell it before they decide to strike it. So, fast presentation – smell less important. Slow presentation – smell more important…God bless you.

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